Scan the QR at the bottom of a customer receipt to instantly pull up the order on the POS. Great for expedited checkout at busy restaurants.

Give your customers the option to pay for POS orders with Android or Apple (iOS) mobile pay. Simply hover your phone above the credit card reader to register a payment.

With Precision House Accounts users can settle POS orders to a saved account, creating a balance to reconcile at a later date. Invoice customers via email or text.

Precision POS offers built-in Customer Accounts including name, address, building-type, phone number, credit card number, customer credits, order history and more.

With the Precision back office, you can change pricing, add new dining layouts, update employee security, move buttons, keep track of payroll, customize your stations indiviudally and much more; Everything you need to manage your business, all in one area.

This feature allows your customers to purchase bar beverages and send it to friends and family. Once purchased, recipients will get a text message from your restaurant with a QR to retrieve their drink.

Use the Precision back office to organize custom email and marketing campaigns. Send emails, texts or postcards to your customers based off of their location, order history and more. Offer your regulars a special deal, or give lapsed customers incentive to order again.

Force your servers to order a beverage through the POS for each guest at a table. Keep track of your staff's order habits and make sure they aren't giving out free drinks on your dime. Reporting is available through the back office and POS.

Precision offers a built-in loyalty program that is sure to increase guest visits and create new 'regulars'. Build your loyalty program in our back office and determine the number of points earned for each purchase, loyalty levels, redemption limits and rewards.

Manage your delivery business with our delivery dashboard. View orders on a map, or use our filters to find or edit an order quickly. Change an order status to Open, Assigned, Out for Delivery or Delivered, which instantly updates the order tracker and Wheelz Driver App. Color-based indicators show when an order is on time, running late or past due. Allow drivers to self-assign deliveries or only let your managers be in control.

Customize your ordering interface with graphical dining layouts. We'll create a floor plan of any dining space that allows your servers to visualze which tables are available. Features include indicators for server color, occupancy time and whether the latest check has been printed.

Upsell logic for your online ordering page. Suggest menu items to your customers based off of their ordered items. Define your upsell rules in our web-based admin, and watch your online sales increase.

Whenever your customers place an online order, send them an SMS link to track their order status. Mark orders as Open, Assigned, Out for Delivery and Delivered.

Tools to help your customers and staf stay safe with contacless ordering and delivery options. Let them select a contactless delivery option, or send them a text message to click when they have arrived at your store so you can bring their order to othe correct vehicle.

Third-party orders are seamlessly integrated into your POS and print directly to the kitchen. No need to manage multiple third-party tablets and re-enter them into the computer. Your time is important, so let us simplify your life.

GrubHub, Seamless, EAT24, DoorDash, Slice

Restaurants can dispatch local drivers with our on-demmand delivery service. Orders placed in store or online can be picked up and delivered by one of our third-party partners. Only pay for drivers when you need it. Use this feature to supplement during busy hours, or use it to replace your in-house drivers.


Determine which staff members are allowed to use specific POS features. Use our built-in employee security groups, or create custom ones that fit your operational needs.

Our inventory and supply management solution is designed specifically for restaurants and supply chains. It includes a full suite of features and tools including budgeting, suggested purchasing, order optimization, food costing, order handling, cataloging and supplier management. Place supply orders using your phone, tablet or computer. Monitor price changes, track errors or shorts, and even delegate tasks to other employees.

Offer a discount to your customers who pay with cash instead of credit card. Customize your service fee for all credit and debit transactions.

Use our mobile credit card readers to checkout and settle orders at the table.

Choose when future orders print to your kitchen with this POS feature. Don't let your kitchen get confused by orders with a future ready for time.

Text or email digital receipts to your customers from the POS. Add your logo for a customized, seamless experience.

Choose between regular gift cards or our custom e-Gift platform.